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Robert Icke's


Pre-lockdown I spent nine months working with Robert Icke on his final production as associate at the Almeida and its transfer to the West End. 

Winner: Best Director

Evening Standard Awards 2019

Nominated: Best New Play

Olivier Awards 2020

Nominated: Best Actress for Juliet Stevenson

Olivier Awards 2020

Bin Juice

Cat Kolubayev

Seeking apprentice for highly paid job in hazardous waste removal company. Willing to get their hands dirty. Relevant experience not necessary. Competitive renumeration package.

Apply within.

An all-female dark comedy, showing the dirty side of an already filthy job. Bin Juice is a story of loyalty, revenge and secrecy.

Winner: OnComm Award 2020

Winner: OffComm Award 2020

Nominated: Best of Vault Festival 2020

Eleanor Ross

It Rains Diamonds on Jupiter

“Old hands, I thought, they must have fingered a lot of girls. Or maybe just one for 40 years. And now me. It made me feel strange so I just held his hand and tried not to think at all."

It Rains Diamonds On Jupiter is based on the true story of one young woman’s time in the UK’s escort industry.

The Tempest

"I long to hear the story of your life, which must take the ear strangely..."

Sixteen years of waiting. Three thousand miles to cross. One story, waiting to be told.


Prospero has waited through years and across oceans. The loss of her Dukedom in Milan and the betrayal of her brother cannot go unpunished. But as the storms of old politics rise again, lovers take their first embrace and fools plot murder, the clock is ticking - and for Prospero to succeed even spirits above and monsters below must have what they desire.

Gather around our light, and let us tell you the story of Prospero's life.




"Dear Mother. I do not understand what this war was for."

Based on Sebastian Faulks's international bestselling novel, 'Birdsong' tells the story of a soldier haunted by his past. Trapped in the trenches of the First World War, Stephen Wraysford relives in overwhelming memories his love affair of seven years earlier, when he lived in Amiens during peace-time.


As the War unfolds, Stephen finds himself pulled closer and closer back to Amiens, back to the Valley of the Somme.



"Let us build ourselves a tower. Let us with common tongue come together and build to the heavens.

Let us be as one in the tower of Babel."


It is 2057 and the world’s population has reached 10 billion. To prevent unsanctioned births, British law states that no male and female can be allowed to be alone together in a private place. 

In an abandoned house, on the edge of town, Thomas and Isla break away from the rest of the party…


at the Minack

Gilbert and Sullivan

“Now is not this ridiculous, and is not this preposterous?

A thorough-paced absurdity – explain it if you can!”

     ~ The 35th Dragoon Guards’ Band


1950s America. A fairground. Rockabillies. Colour and light everywhere. Candy-floss and toffee apples. Ferris wheels and carousels. Pinks and blues. Hair, hair, hair. Vintage cars and polaroids.

Patience has never known love. Everyone else at the fayre is obsessed with it. As high school sweethearts and star-crossed lovers meet again for one special night... can anyone teach Patience how to love?

The Duchess of Malfi

John Webster

Revenge for the Duchess of Malfi -

For lovely Julia, and for myself,
That was an actor in the main of all…”

In the court of Malfi, the jealous, incestuous obsession of one man sets into motion a series of events that will end in tragedy and redemption…

There will be sheets, soot, shadows, blinking lights, and those shoes...

That pair of hanging shoes.

The Glass Cage

Noah Fram

Katherine Murphy, Larry Carson and George Fairley served the American army in Afghanistan.

Now, Katherine Murphy is dead. George is in prison, accused of her rape but unable to face his memories of that day. Larry is decorated for heroism, but is increasingly cold to his wife and daughter. 

As politicians try to manipulate the three veterans for their own purposes and their memories and mental health become tangled with lies, the facts become increasingly difficult to find – and we begin to wonder whether the truth as we know it is really the truth that we wish to believe in.

‘The Glass Cage’ is an original musical from composer Noah Fram.

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