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The Glass Cage

"Sergeant Murphy was a hero

and a hero's pay is rest"

Katherine Murphy, Larry Carson and George Fairley served the American army in Afghanistan.

Now, Katherine Murphy is dead, Larry is decorated for heroism, and George is in prison.

ADC Theatre: 8th-12th November, 2016


Conor Dumbrell: Larry Carson

Eve French: Helen Carson

Tiffany Charnley: Leah Carson

Robin Franklin: George Fairley

Shimali de Silva: Amy Winston

David Lawrence: Buck Ambrose

Robert Nicholas: Corporal Milliken

Capucine May: Victoria May

Ada Barume: Dr. Tricia Sandl

Sam North: Nurse Tate

Xelia Mendes-Jones: Narrator


Director: Anastasia Bruce-Jones

Writer: Noah Fram

Producer: Thomas Warwick

Musical Director: Michael Cullen

Sound Design: Peter Lord

Lighting Design: Armand Feuilleaubois

Publicity: Alex Strouts

Stage Manager: Rohan Gupta

Deputy Stage Manager: Gabriel Humphries

Assistant Director: Isadora Dooley Hunter

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