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Anastasia Bruce-Jones

An award-winning writer and director, Anastasia's work examines lonely, messy and morally reckless characters, often by way of folklore, horror and magic realism.

During 7 years directing theatre, they received exclusively 4* and 5* reviews for their productions, winning both OnComm and OffComm awards, alongside further nominations.

Since 2020, Anastasia's focus has been film. Their debut short 'All Girls' premiered at Aesthetica Film Festival, where it was selected by Directors Notes as one of 10 "Must Catch Shorts by Promising Directors". It went on to win Best Director at Women X Film Festival, alongside further nominations for Best Picture, Best Writer, Rising Star (for Bruce-Jones) and Best Ensemble. Their second short, 'Microwave', was funded by BFI Film Academy and premiered at Encounters Film Festival. Their latest short, 'The Last Hurrah' is about to go into production having won funding from Cine Circle. 'Frostlands', their most personal short to date, was selected for the Beacons Development Award with BBC Wales and Ffilm Cymru and goes into production in October 2024.


Their debut feature, 'False Positive', was optioned by Emergence Films last year and will begin production in Spring 2025.

"Art is a way to the wilderness of the unconscious, the land of spirits and the dead. If great works of art are prophetic, it is because they disclose the forces that seethe behind the easy façade of ordinary time. ...Not just the plays of Shakespeare and Sophocles, but also the poems of Emily Dickinson, the songs of Bob Dylan, the choreographies of Pina Bausch, the films of David Lynch. All of them are oracles."

J.F. MartelReclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice

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