Anastasia Bruce-Jones

Director. Writer.

Over nearly six years, I have directed numerous productions across theatre and film. I've worked in subsidised theatres, such as the Almeida, the West End and London's Vault Festival and Edinburgh's fringe, as well as on film sets including short film, music videos and commercials.


Over the last two years I've been focusing on film writing and directing, developing a slate of film projects including the short All Girls, feature False Positive and HE-TV series The Highwaymen. In February 2022 I won a commission from the BFI to make my next short, Microwave.

My work explores the depth and strangeness of experience, often by way of magic realism, dystopia and folk horror.

"Art is a way to the wilderness of the unconscious, the land of spirits and the dead. If great works of art are prophetic, it is because they disclose the forces that seethe behind the easy façade of ordinary time. ...Not just the plays of Shakespeare and Sophocles, but also the poems of Emily Dickinson, the songs of Bob Dylan, the choreographies of Pina Bausch, the films of David Lynch. All of them are oracles."

J.F. MartelReclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice


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