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It Rains Diamonds on Jupiter

"Make yourself indestructible."

When Liv discovers an alternative way to get by at university, it feels like she's hit the jackpot. And actually, it's pretty fun... at first.

Drayton Arms Theatre: 18th-22nd June, 2019


Rosanna Suppa: Olivia

Jacob Melling: Bill

Oriana Charles: Jai

Raksha Hoost: Sara

Jonny Cox-Vinell: Brian / David

Phillip Laing: Dale / Baz

Duncan Hess: Harold


Director / Choreographer: Anastasia Bruce-Jones

Producer: Laura Furner

Writer: Eleanor Ross

Designer: Verity Johnson

Lighting Design: Will Alder

Sound Design: Tingying Dong

Videographer: Laura Stratford

Assistant Director: Dolores Carbonari

Operator: Jessica Bickel-Barlow


clever and sensitive... one of fringe theatre's must-see plays.

Elaine Chapman,

London Pub Theatres Magazine

a story that deserves to be seen and told to many

Joshua Thompson,

London Theatre Reviews

a fascinating, fast-paced production led by a tour-de-force performance from Rosanna Suppa.

The Review Chap

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