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Bin Juice

"Some jobs require getting
your hands a little dirty..."

OnComm Commendation

Francine and Marla, employees of a hazardous waste removal company, are on the hunt for a new apprentice and Belinda is very overqualified...

Cavern, the Vaults: 10th-15th March 2020


Adeline Waby: Francine

Madison Clare: Marla

Helena Antoniou: Belinda


Director: Anastasia Bruce-Jones

Writer / Producer: Cat Kolubayev

Lighting Design / SM: Holly Ellis

Sound Design: Dong Ting-Ying

Consultant Producer: Kitty Wordsworth


It's rare to leave a fringe show wanting a sequel... but it is very hard to find fault with this show.

Holly Casey,
Everything Theatre

A show which makes you laugh and wipes the laughter from your lips within the same moment... with the gleeful nastiness of a play by Joe Orton or Martin McDonagh.

Lyn Gardner,


Hilarious, frighteningly dark... Direction is intricate and clever... All three actors are pitch perfect, hitting every single beat and every understated punchline...


Within Her Words

 Bruce-Jones sets up an uneasy, foreboding 

atmosphere... Thoroughly entertaining, yet thought provoking, this is a riveting piece of theatre that lingers in the mind.

Jonathan Marshall,

Broadway World

A thrilling and funny play, with twists to rival Inside No. 9, a definite must-see at this year's VAULT Festival.


Mind the Blog

The rapport between the characters is thrilling and playful and the tension in the space is electric... You can expect moments of laughter to end with spine-chilling twists and turns that will leave you desperately wanting a second act.

Eileen Nash,

North West End

While intriguing and witty, the play also raises questions about what it means to take social responsibility, remain truthful to oneself and loyal to one's friends within a bigger system run by mysterious bosses...

Caroline Perret,

Plays to See

Director Anastasia Bruce-Jones does a tremendous job... with flair and precision timing, in a very slick production. [This is] an extremely funny piece that keeps you guessing.

Chris White,


There are tones of Beckett, Kafka and Pinter in this dark absurdist creation... Bin Juice leaves you wanting to know more about this place, its people and what it all means.

Maryam Philpott,

The Reviews Hub

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