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"OK. We'll talk. Anytime, literally.
Just not now."

False Positive asks how much of ourselves we owe to the people we love. Henri is a closeted trans man, struggling with the decision of whether or not to actualise his true gender. Meanwhile, his mother, Liz, receives a terminal diagnosis and decides to refuse treatment. Mother and son both hold something inside their bodies which demands a decision; to act for one’s self or for the people whose lives we inhabit. As Henri grapples with this decision, his life becomes ever more complicated as his husband pushes for them to have children and Henri begins an affair with the free-spirited Blue, who believes Henri was born a man.


You can be true to your innermost self or you can keep the life you love.

You can’t have both.

Feature optioned with Emergence Films, produced by Sienna Beckman.


Shooting Spring, 2025.

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